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If there's anything involving this domain and the sites within it that you would like to inquire about, please contact me. I only have e-mail available for contacting. Below I've provided a form for your convenience. If for some reason the form does not work, please e-mail me at mymelodea[at]gmail.com with the necessary information.

melodea.com affiliation/link exchange policy

Before submitting a form... Please, DO NOT CONTACT ME REGARDING THE PURCHASE OF MY DOMAIN. Recently there have been numerous people trying to contact me in purchasing my domain. It's very disappointing to know that people are trying to buy me out because I have a name they want. Don't do it. :|
Affiliation: This is open to friends only, or those who are willing to develop a friendship with me. We have to keep in touch somehow, whether it be in instant messaging or Livejournal. I don't bite! (:
Link Exchange: Link exchanges are open to domains only. We just need to mutually link each other without necessarily working on a close relationship. Sound fair?



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